[GNOME-India] What we plan to do at GNOME Project Day at foss.in/2007

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The aim of the GNOME Project Day (and the presence of the speakers
throughout foss.in) at foss.in/2007 is "to increase the quantum of
contributions from India to GNOME"

Among the few possible things that should be expected out of the Project
Day are:

+ increased presence/visibility of GNOME projects through out-reach to
schools, universities and colleges
+ creating a community of evangelists and GNOME developers who can
participate in development, bug triage and related issues
+ increasing the GSoC participation in GNOME from India
+ structuring the Indic L10n bits in GNOME towards increasing number of
languages and fixing fonts, rendering etc issues

We would be showing "cool" side of GNOME, but with the intent of getting
more folks into it.

Looking forward to meeting all of you at foss.in/2007


ps: In short, we need to ensure that there are folks contributing to
GNOME from India who are on next year's posters :)

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