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Subject: [gnome-summary] GNOME Journal Project Plan

> Hello everyone,
>     I've been putting together a more formal project plan for the
> GNOME Journal project.  Please take a look at it available in rtf
> at http://www.gnomejournal.org/docs/project_plan.rtf
>     Please let me know if you have suggestions.  If you would like
to be
> able to update it yourself but you are unable to currently because
> don't have a login to the gnomejournal.org server, please let me
> I can have you added.
>     Please concentrate on the section at the bottom about the
> article category hierarchy.  I need suggestions for this.  This
> get as specific in the hierarchy as suggestions for certain article
> category titles.  What I mean by that is for example, Linux Journal
> magazine has the Kernel Corner.  Right now the categories are very
> broad.  As soon as we get this hierarchy somewhat finalized for a
> issue, we can start to build up the website navigation and layout.
>     You'll notice that the current www.gnomejournal.org website is
> password protected.  If you would like to contribute to the project,
> please email me a username, password, and email address so that I
> add you to the login.  We are trying to keep it a secret during the
> first issue development phase.
>     The project also will need many article writers.  If you would
> to write, even if you don't consider yourself a very good writer,
> let me know.  We'll take anybody who is passionate about an area in
> GNOME.  Even if you want to try out writing one or two articles for
> issue or two, that is ok too.  You are not committing your life away
> the project just by writing and article.  Of course we'd appreciate
> an all regular column writers.  So if you have a topic in mind that
> you're dying to write about, here's your chance!  Don't miss it!
> I'm looking forward to an active discussion about this.  Reply back
> the list on your messages unless you're emailing me a username,
> and email address for the website.
> Jim Hodapp
> Editor In Chief
> GNOME Journal Magazine
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> Full-time student of Electrical Engineering
> Purdue School of Engineering @ Indiana University Purdue University
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