Re: To clarify how to contribute as a translator for GIMP

неділя, 17 квітня 2022 р. 18:40:29 EEST Lochana Rathnayake via gnome-i18n 
Dear Team,
I want to contribute to GIMP as a translator, but I don't know how to. Can
you guide me, please?
Thank you.


1. Register on DL: (the upper right corner)

2. Join the team:

3. Go to the "GIMP and friends" page for your locale.

4. Choose the catalog and click on it.

5. Download the catalog (the lower grey button).

7. Reserve the translation (drop-down menu abouve the big empty text field).

7. Use your favourite software to translate (GNOME translator, poEdit, 
Lokalize, OmegaT, etc.)

8. Upload the translation for review (the same drop-down menu).

9. Wait for the team coordinator to act.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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