Re: Please add 42 release-notes

Hi Sophie,

What's your strategy about branching?

There used to be a branch per release, now I struggle to see any structure in existing branches.

Hey! I'm not sure how the previous branching worked. Since we do static site generation it would be the simplest thing to generate everything out of one branch.

Would it work if we create a symlink `po` -> `po-42` and add `po` to d-l? Before the next release we would change po -> po-43. Downside would be that the translations for previous releases get 'frozen' for changes via d-l.

Frankly, it looks like all work done by translators in past releases in release branches was wiped out. Doesn't look very fair to me.

I don't think this was intentional. To be honest, I'm always trying to advocate/integrate i18n ( Circle). But at the same time I personally felt like it's poorly documented how d-l works, how to get in touch with the i18n and you folks just don't seem as available in Matrix/IRC and GitLab to me as it is the case with Design, Infra, Lib maintainers etc. I would be very grateful if people that can help out with i18n details and questions would be more available to work out solutions for things like this.


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