Re: Question regarding the package that contains common directories

вівторок, 28 вересня 2021 р. 17:21:35 EEST Нарт Лӏыша via gnome-i18n написано:
Hello all,

I hope this email finds you well.
Following the translation guide
<>, it states
that I can start by localizing this file xdg-user-dirs
<>, which contains common
directories like "Videos", "Pictures", "Documents" etc.

Is this still the case? Because translations are not reflected, am I
missing something?


This translation is handled through the external platform:

It's very easy to use. Just ask the coordinator to add the team and send the translation by email.

The translations from the above-mentioned catalogue is highly visible, so you cannot have the real Abhasian 
system without them.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards,

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