Re: [RFC] Guide for adding new projects on Damned Lies

Hi all,

I'm thinking of adding it as a draft in GNOME wiki, unless someone
objects or has any other comment.

(below, Philipp's reply, which seems to mistakenly happen off-list)


On Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 1:46 PM Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff gnome org> wrote:

Hi Philipp

You provided an interesting suggestion, as it would save everyone's time.

However I feel that if the Translation Coordinators create (if not existent already) such criteria, these 
should be placed in a specific page under the "Localization Coordination Team" section [1], and then added 
a reference in this guide I'm proposing.


Em seg, 30 de ago de 2021 12:27, Philipp Kiemle <philipp kiemle gmail com> escreveu:

Hello all,
Thank you for this good idea, Rafael! I really like the fact that the process of applying for an 
integration with DL becomes clearer.
While I am in no form qualified to decide on this, I would like to ask something:

Is there already some place where project maintainers can find rules and criteria that their application 
has to meet in order to get accepted to DL?
If not, I'd love to see them here.
Two criteria that I can think of right now, for example:
- What kind of software do we accept (Shell extensions/standalone programs)?
- Does the software have to have a minimum number of users or some other relevance indicator?

I don't want to say that letting the l18n coordinators decide by their personal opinion is necessarily a 
bad thing - I do trust their decision making.
However, I think that a "requirements checklist" could save them some time and provide guidance to 


Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff gnome org> schrieb am Mo., 30. Aug. 2021, 13:49:

Hi all,

I haven't found a set of instructions from the project maintainer's
point of view for adding a new project for localization in Damned
Lies, and everytime I feel that linking a page to the maintainer would
be more inviting.

Having that in mind, I drafted a page that would probably fit as an
item in the "For maintainers/developers of modules" section of
TranslationProject wiki page [1]. It is in Markdown, as it was easier
for me to generate a HTML output, but I would reformat in MediaWiki
syntax to create the wiki page.

Please find attached the draft both in Markdown and HTML file formats.

Any thoughts? Feedbacks?


Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle
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