Re: Question regarding a new translatable string in Gnome Commander


you have definded _ and N_ macros in po/Makevars only. You need to add
C_ with --keyword. See an another project.


Uwe Scholz via gnome-i18n píše v Po 13. 09. 2021 v 23:14 +0200:
Hi all,

recently I have inserted a new translatable string in Gnome Commander
using the following command in the source code(*):

    // Translators: Translate 'Copy' as a noun here
    auto copyString = C_("Filename suffix", "Copy");

But up to know I've not seen a translation of that string happening
the *.po files of Gnome Commander.

For example, in the latest Chech translation (thanks to Marek) for
the file, where the tranlatable string from above occurs, I
not see that the "Copy" string is translated: Neither with the old
translation(**) nor with a new one. The same happens in other *.po

So I'm asking myself if something is wrong in the translatable string
command from above. It should show the translators that this "Copy"
should not be translated as a verb but rather as a noun here, that's
why I used "C_(...)" and not the usual "_()" command.

Any ideas from the translator experts here what I did wrong?

Thank you



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