Re: Problems with D-L

My git account works fine. This issue relates to D-L only.


Daniel Mustieles García píše v Út 07. 09. 2021 v 15:34 +0200:
I'm also having problems to commit that module.

@Marek Černocký have you been able to use your git account? I'm also having problems with that, cannot use my ssh key to clone repos or push commits (tried with two different computers)


El mar, 7 sept 2021 a las 14:34, Marek Černocký (<marek manet cz>) escribió:

I'm not able to commit the following translation:
It ends with the message:
504 Gateway Time-out
So I have pushed it directly with git, but D-L doesn't reflect the
changes and still shows the untranslated strings.

I also need fix global statistics for Czech GNOME 41 documentation. It
shows 288 untranslated strings but it should be 285.


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