Re: string freeze break for GNOME Tour

2/2 from i18n but, please, next time tell us which strings are being added.


El mié, 1 sept 2021 a las 10:04, Alexandre Franke (<afranke gnome org>) escribió:
On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 9:08 AM Jakub Steiner via gnome-i18n
<gnome-i18n gnome org> wrote:
> Hi,


> I'd like to request a string freeze break for GNOME Tour 41, which
> didn't land in time.

So my colleague doesn’t have click on that link, then click on another
link to the actual MR, then click on the changes tab, then read
through and hunt for actual relevant changes before they can give you
what you’re asking for, here is a list of the affected strings.

"Learn about new and essential features in {} {}.", becomes "Learn
about the key features in {} {}.",

"Press Activities to see open windows and apps." becomes "Press the
Super key to see open windows and apps."

"Just Type to Search" and "Type in the overview to search. Launch
apps, find things." have been added.

"Easily organize windows with the new workspaces view." becomes
"Easily organize windows with the workspaces view."

"That's it! We hope that you enjoy {} {}." becomes "That's it. Have a nice day!"

That’s a bit more changes than I’d like to see during the freeze, but
it’s still early and I got the impression that the overall amount of
strings for GNOME this cycle is on the lower side of the range.

i18n approval 1/2.

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker
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