POT file is obsolete. How do I generate a new one?

Hi all,
I recently started translating the Health app. In the meantime a new version was published, but the POT file on l10n.gnome.org [1] still refers to the previous version, so if I published my translation it would already be obsolete (also, I would not be able to test it locally). Since I do not know how long it will get to see the updated POT file on the website, I tried to generate one manually from the app source code using xgettext, but it seems it does not recognise Rust, which the app is written in, as a language and a lot of translatable strings are missing as a consequence. I did not find anything that could help me in the online translation guides; what should I do now?

[1] https://l10n.gnome.org/vertimus/health/master/po/it/

Davide Ferracin

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