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I never could run GNOME OS on Boxes or bare metal!

در 5 اکتبر 2021 13:33:48 (UTC)، Kukuh Syafaat via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org> نوشت:

I can install GNOME OS on GNOME Boxes without any issue.
You can also try openSUSE Tumbleweed ( now shipped GNOME 41.


On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 8:06 PM Нарт Лӏыша via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org> wrote:

Any thoughts on how to properly test Gnome 41?

I'm trying to use different approaches, I came across some issues and I have some questions:

1. I'm not able to install the latest Gnome OS on Gnome boxes, it doesn't see the iso file, did anyone come across this issue?

2. Ubuntu 21.10 beta and Fedora 34 have Gnome 40, can I probably test 41 in there?

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