Re: Does Translation auto merge between default, stable, old stable releases?

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I just wanted to avoid duplicate work or do the same thing again and again.
So if i translate only "master" branch of each packages; then it'll auto
apply (merge) to all other branches right? i guess yes


Actually, no. Merges can be made manually (without automation) through the 
Damned Lies from stable (numbered) branches to master but not otherwise.

There is a huge problem with old branches in whole GNOME. You can have the 
master branch translated but the actual package can contain some old stable 
branch (say 3.22) that you cannot see from the main team page. If you do not 
know where to find the _actual_ branch it becomes a real PITA for the users.

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On Friday, May 28th, 2021 at 5:56 PM, Philipp Kiemle 
<philipp kiemle gmail com> wrote:
Translations do not auto-merge between branches. This would not work,
because source strings may have been changed between releases. You have
to edit every branch on its own.

When you change a branch that is not master and have commit rights, you
can optionally cherry-pick the changes to master, though. Cheers,

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