Re: Soon branching gimp-help module into origin/gimp-help-2-10

Le 22.05.21 à 18:56, Jehan Pagès via gnome-i18n a écrit :
Hello translators!

Just a heads-up. Unless something comes up (we also sent an email to documenters and devs about the topic to make sure it's alright), we plan to branch the gimp-help module into `origin/gimp-help-2-10` within 2 weeks (so likely around the June 5/6 weekend): <>

Documentation and translation for GIMP 2.10 will continue inside this new branch. The `master` branch will move on to be about future GIMP 3.0 from this point onward.

As I am guessing it will require some action on Damned Lies website to handle both the gimp-help-2-10 and master branches, this email is a notification.

Hi Jehan,

We appreciate the notice, thanks a lot!
Could you please send us a new notice when the branching is done?



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