Re: transfer of ownership

Dear all,

I support this bid.

Sense Hofstede

On 4 May 2021, at 19:22, Tjipke van der Heide <tjipke tutanota com> wrote:

Hello everyone,

After attempting to contribute translations to the frisian(fy) translation team, I've contacted the existing members and found out the team is no longer active. The current maintainer (which I've added as a recipient to this email) has explained to be no longer active, and has indicated not to have an issue with me applying to become the coordinator for translations. The same goes for the remaining translators of the team.
Therefore I would like to request coordinatorship for the frisian translation team for gnome, before attempting to restart translations. In case it's relevant, my username on is 'Tjipke van der Heide', and I'm registered with this email address:  tjipke tutanota com

I will be awaiting your response,

Tjipke van der Heide
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