evolution & evolution-data-server string & UI freeze break approval plea

I'd like to ask for a string and UI freeze break approval for the
3.40.1 (it could be also 3.40.0 from my point of view, but it's too
tight now, because I'll be doing a release in less than 24 hours, thus
no rush), to add OAuth2 authentication for Yahoo! servers/users. With
that change they can get the same experience as the Google users have,
but, more importantly, Verizon Media begun to force OAuth2 for the
authentication few months ago, which means trouble to the users (they
need application specific passwords, which is not always understood by
the users, not talking it adds "less security"). I would do that long
before, but I only recently figured how to ask Verizon Media for an
approval to access restricted scopes and I received an approval from
them only several days ago (they had been quick, I've been slow).

The change itself is here:
and it's split into two parts.

One part is on the evolution-data-server side, where I added these
translatable strings:

   "OAuth2 (Yahoo!)"

   "This option will use an OAuth 2.0 access token to connect to the Yahoo! server"


where the first one is usually shown in the UI, when the user is
creating or editing a Yahoo! mail account. There are also strings in
the GSettings, which are not that important, from my point of view.

The Evolution part is simpler, but I'd make it even simpler for the
stable branch by not harmonizing some redundant translatable strings;
I'd add only one string:

   "Add Yahoo! Con_tacts to this account"

This will be shown at the end of a new mail account wizard, as a
checkbox for the user to pick whether he/she wants to add also contacts
to this account. This is a UI change.

I think using the OAuth2 is a good thing to do and even it could bring
some untranslated strings in the UI, it still worth it. It should be
better than waiting another 6 months for the change to get to the

        Thanks and bye,

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