[DL]String additions to 'gnome-builder.master'

This is an automatic notification from status generation scripts on:

There have been following string additions to module 'gnome-builder.master':

+ "An integrated debugger for native applications"
    + "An integrated software profiler for native applications"
    + "Auto indentation support for C, Python, Vala, and XML"
    + "Builder is an actively developed Integrated Development Environment for GNOME. It combines integrated 
support for essential GNOME technologies such as GTK+, GLib, and GNOME APIs with features that any developer 
will appreciate, like syntax highlighting and snippets."
    + "Built in syntax highlighting for many languages"
    + "Christian Hergert, et al."
    + "Clang based auto-completion, semantic highlighting, and diagnostics"
    + "Code overview mini-map"
    + "Create new projects from a variety of templates"
    + "Debug with the GNU debugger"
    + "Fast fuzzy text search across files and symbols"
    + "Fast global fuzzy search"
    + "Features:"
    + "HTML, Markdown, and reStructuredText, and Sphinx live preview"
    + "Integration with Autotools, Cargo, CMake, Gradle, Meson, Maven, Make, PHPize, and Waf"
    + "Integration with Git to clone your projects"
    + "Integration with Git"
    + "Multi-monitor support"
    + "Optional Vim, Emacs, and SublimeText style editing"
    + "Python based auto-completion, semantic highlighting, and diagnostics"
    + "Quickly access your projects"
    + "Side-by-side code editors"
    + "Support for building with jhbuild and flatpak runtimes"
    + "Support for viewing TODOs found within your code base"
    + "The source code editor"
    + "Vala based auto-completion and diagnostics"
    + "You can rely on predictable releases of Builder with each new release of GNOME every six months."

Note that this doesn't directly indicate a string freeze break, but it
might be worth investigating.

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