Glom example files


Consider for example

These are "glom examples".  I can download the translation templates
from D-L but I cannot commit them.  There is no option to commit in
the D-L interface like for other po-files.

I could commit them to git manually but they look wonky -- in existing
files, authors are listed as:

"Last-Translator: Someone <someone someone com>\n"
"Language-Team:  <someone someone com>\n"

...which tells me that they're not the product of a normal workflow.

There's a readme (glom/examples/po_files/README) telling me about
import/exporting those files by running make.  Is that my job --
commit things that are not po files?  Or do I commit the po-files and
someone else does the rest as part of some process?  Is there a way to
know these things?

Best regards

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