Releasing GIMP 2.10.30 (Sunday maybe or in the coming week) and maybe 2.99.10 too

Hi translators!

We are releasing GEGL 0.4.34 and GIMP 2.10.30 a bit unexpectedly in the coming days (possibly on Sunday at the fastest). This is for security reasons.

This is for the stable branch, hence the `gimp-2-10` branch.

We might also release a dev version (GIMP 2.99.10, so the `master` branch) before the end of the year. Actually we were initially planning to do it for Christmas (and not release a stable version at all this month). But with the sudden release of 2.10.30, it is now unsure if we will follow through with the 2.99.10 release plan so soon after. In any case, it's not as much a priority (yet we welcome updates there too if you have any time). We'll see.

Thanks to everyone, and have a very nice end of year, happy holidays and all that! 🎄

GIMP team


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