Re: Fwd: Submit Help Translation on GNOME Terminal

Le 05.10.20 à 05:17, Kukuh Syafaat via gnome-i18n a écrit :
Hi all,

The Indonesian team has recently submitted gnome-terminal help
translation to damned-lies, but the po statistics is still 0% [0].
I checked on gnome-terminal repository in GitLab [0] and there is no
`id` folder on help.
Why damned-lies did not create automatically when the translator
submit po for the first time?
Is there any workaround for this?

Best Regards.


Hi Kukuh Syafaat,

I guess the issue is due to using the "Inform of submission" action
instead of the "Submit to repository" action. The former is for those
having committed the file by an other mean that DL itself (e.g. by
command line).

However, it may be that DL didn't proposed the action because adding new
translations for modules help without LINGUAS files have to be done "by
hand", as machine-editing Makefiles is too brittle to be automated.

I'm sure someone with GNOME Gitlab commit rights will do the action for
you soon!



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