Re: Gnome Clocks split cases for Tuesday Thursday

Hi Fabio,

Yes, but please report it at Gitlab, so maintainers can review it. They might not be aware of messages in this list, but Gitlab will sure be the place to warn them about this.

Thanks for notifying!

El mar., 14 jul. 2020 14:22, Fabio Tomat via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org> escribió:
I noticed that the string “T” (referred to Alarm|Repeat-On) is used to display both Tuesday and Thursday (as explained in string comments). This is true for English but in other languages those days uses different letters (such as M for martars and J joibe in friulian or Martedì e Giovedì in italian and so on...)
the same happens for Sunday and Saturday.

I think it should be fixed


Fabio Tomat
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