[RFC] Distinguish locales with modifiers

Hi all!

My first message to this list. Sorry for being somewhat wordy.

Some locales have modifiers appended to them. Examples:


Currently, in the Language and Formats views in gnome-control-center, such locales are shown with the same labels as their equivalents without modifiers. So in the Language view you may see two occurrences of:

Catalan                    Spain


Serbian                    Serbia

and in the Formats view you may see two occurrences of:

Spain (Catalan)


Serbia (Serbian)

The issue has been reported here:


and is about to be fixed now. Already committed changes together with proposed changes to gnome-desktop and gnome-control-center result in this:

Language view
Catalan                    Spain
Catalan — Valencia         Spain

Serbian                    Serbia
Serbian — Latin            Serbia

Formats view
Spain (Catalan — Valencia)
Spain (Catalan)

Serbia (Serbian — Latin)
Serbia (Serbian)

The key to achieve this is the function gnome_get_translated_modifier() in this file:


where a few translatable strings, representing raw modifier strings, have been hard coded.

I'm bringing this to your attention to ask if you think the solution in the making is reasonable and something you feel comfortable with. If you have doubts, please respond to this message or comment on the still open merge request:



Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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