[gimp] Release of GIMP 2.8.20 planned for end of October

Hi Translation Teams,

we are planning to do a release of the stable 2.8 branch of GIMP at the
end of October.

The GIMP 2.8 series does only get bug fixes, no new features, so its
strings are pretty much considered frozen all the time - actually, it
was quite surprising to find that a few of them had changed recently.

We're not really used to formal string freezes yet, but will make an
extra effort to keep the strings of the gimp-2-8 branch frozen until

For most of the previously complete or almost-complete translations, the
number of fuzzy or untranslated strings is quite low, and it would be
nice to see complete translations for these. Please note that unlike
some other applications, GIMP uses multiple po files for various parts
of its UI.

The GIMP docs are kept in their own git module, gimp-help-2. We are
currently working on getting them built again. They follow their own
release "schedule", so if you are translating these as well, please
don't feel obligated to finish them in time for the 2.8.20 release.


GIMP 2.8 releases are done from the gimp-2-8 branch of the gimp git module:

L10N Module statistics


GIMP 2.8 releases enjoy a large number of users. As GIMP is a
cross-platform application, the releases are made available to users on
the Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X / macOS platforms via packages we
distribute directly from https://www.gimp.org, so any translation
updates done for a release will reach a bug audience pretty fast.

With Linux distros, it depends on how their release schedules are and
/or how they handle package updates. Debian Testing, for example, has
recently added the packages for 2.8.18, which we had released earlier
this year.

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