Thanks for the help, Mario and Gabor. I added nl to the section HELP_LINGUAS in

Op 28-11-16 om 12:39 schreef Mario Bl├Ąttermann:
Am Montag, 28. November 2016 12:30:35 CET schrieb Hannie Dumoleyn:

I adding the Dutch translation of 'Gnome-getting-started-docs', see [1]. I created a folder \gnome-help\nl and copied the translation to this folder. I should have added nl to DOC_LINGUAS, but I cannot find it in \gnome-getting-started-docs. Can anyone tell me where I can find DOC_LINGUAS?

You'll find it in gnome-help/ But note, it is HELP_LINGUAS, not DOC_LINGUAS.

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