String additions to 'hitori.master'

This is an automatic notification from status generation scripts on:

There have been following string additions to module 'hitori.master':

+ "10×10"
    + "5×5"
    + "6×6"
    + "7×7"
    + "8×8"
    + "9×9"
    + "Board _Size"
    + "GNOME Hitori"
    + "Get a hint for your next move"
    + "Hitori is a logic game similar to the popular game of Sudoku."
    + "Play the Hitori puzzle game"
    + "Redo a move"
    + "Undo your last move"
    + "You play the game against the clock, aiming to eliminate all the duplicate numbers in each row and 
column in the fastest time. Multiple sizes of game board are supported, and you can place markers on cells to 
help work out the solution. If you get stuck, the game can give you a hint."
    + "_About"
    + "_Help"
    + "org.gnome.Hitori"
    + "puzzle;game;logic;grid;"

Note that this doesn't directly indicate a string freeze break, but it
might be worth investigating.

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