Re: Challenges in translating GNOME recipes

Hello Matthias,
In the sequence starting with 'no', e.g. no Almond, no Apple etc. I do not understand why they start with a lowercase letter followed by word in uppercase. Could you give me an example of how these messages are used?

Op 08-12-16 om 21:39 schreef Matthias Clasen:
(sorry for breaking the threading here, it turns out I wasn't actually
subscribed to this list...)

I went through a part of your PO file - some thoughts:
Thanks for doing that!

#: data/
msgid "org.gnome.Recipes"
msgstr ""

Looks like the app id, should that be translatable at all? I don't think so.
I believe gettext follows the letter of the desktop entry spec here,
which (unfortunately) declares the Icon field to be a LocaleString.

#: src/gr-details-page.ui:33
msgid ""
" gathered"

Provide a translator's comment for those - how much space is there
available on screen? How should the translator handle the line breaks if
there are more than 2 words? My translation would be something like
"Gr├Čtheidean a chaidh a chuingeachadh" or "Gr├Čtheidean air an
cuingeachadh", depending on context. Lose the \n and resolve it by
software if you can.
Good point. But this entire part of the UI is still a very provisional.

#: src/gr-details-page.ui:278
msgid "Cooked 5 times"

#: src/gr-edit-page.ui:105
msgid "Ser_ves"

These are prime candidate for the ngettext + placeholder treatment -
unless "Ser_ves" is a header.
Yes, Serves is a label. Maybe a bit too colloquial. "Servings" might
be clearer and better.

"Cooked %d times" is just a leftover. I have that fixed string in the
.ui file while the code replaces it with the proper ngettext
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