Re: Please select component when submitting translations on

2016-04-17 0:58 GMT+02:00 Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro gnome org>:
Hi translators,

When submitting translations on, please be sure to
select the "WebKit Gtk" component to ensure your translation is
committed in a timely manner; selecting a different component will
result in a long wait before your translation is processed.

It would be good if this could be added to the instructions for
submitting translations here:

Hi Michael,

It's a good idea. I've added a note.

If you have any outstanding translations updates that got lost in
Bugzilla, please do let me know. is the only
l10n-related bug I could find.

Thank you for taking care of the translations. It's greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Piotr Drąg

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