Fix for truncated panel names in Settings


If in your language, you've seen truncated Settings names, such as in
this screenshot:

You can fix it now!

In master, for GNOME 3.22, the names of all the panels now include soft
hyphens, which will automatically break the line, and not clip the
words anymore. The string change means that English with large text
(which you can enable in the Universal Access panel) is now fixed, and
it's a reminder that you should add those hyphens as well.

For earlier versions of GNOME, including the current stable 3.20,
translators!, you'll be on your own.

I will be opening bugs for each one of the languages against which
problems were reported, so that you are aware that this language's
translation will need fixes.

See for more

Hopefully, soon enough, we will have a new shell design which won't
have this sort of problems:


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