Proposed update on zh_CN l10n guide

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Hey all,

I found something outdated/incorrect on the zh_CN l10n guide, and have a
proposed update at

The current unoffical version for the update is 1.2p2. Newer
patch-versions of 1.2 may appear as I found something missing/inaccurate
(e.g. I think I should include some info on [Translate Toolkit] and
suggest CJK parentheses in GUI apps).  It is released in LibreOffice's
[Hybrid PDF] format, and should be quite easy to edit.

What's New

This proposed version of zh_CN l10n guide is re-typed in LibreOffice
(since I don't have the original OpenOffice ODT), and therefore is
largely rephrased and restructured. Due to my note-adding habit, there
are also lots of footnotes.

I chopped off some tables (e.g. strftime(3) formats), since they are
largely irrelevant and could be maned easily, and I don't want people to
keep looking at a short and simple introductory guide for reference.
Some naive workarounds for typeface problems are removed, while keeping
some backwards compatibility.

Some of them are explained in Chinese as [Questions on L10n Guide 1.1],
and for English speakers here is an abstract for the *Questions*:

Whitespace Between CJK Chars and Western Text

In the 1.1 version of the guide, it's suggested to use a format like ‘中
文English 英文’ in CLI apps, which is said to be a workaround for
*rendering issues*.

The issue, as described, is some metrics problem in the terminal
emulator and the typeface (which can't hardly be seen in modern
distros), and it's silly to pollute normal users' eyes to meet
misconfigured users' needs, and people that are happy to misconfigure
their terminal emulators may not even be able to tell them.

It's interesting that OpenOffice's auto CJK spacing does make adding
spaces after 中文 silly, and makes the strategy look quite well in the
PDF. But your terminal emulator is not \*Office.

Whitespace Before/After Western Parentheses

In the 1.1 version, It's said:

The `()` parentheses in English source text should not be altered,
because the CJK Paretheses are ugly and space-wasting. [...] For
parentheses and full-width quotes (that means curly quotes), spaces
should not be added.

It would be weird not to add spaces before and after western
parentheses(like this)which is quite awful, unless you are coding.
Space-wasting? Even in English people add whitespaces, or you will be
reading crap.

And the ugliness of CJK Paretheses is history with the current default
typeface settings. For users that are weird enough to use fonts like
SimSun for UI, well, they asked for it.

Other Metrics/Whitespace Issues

The popular metrics problem in monospace fonts concerning differences on
GB standards and Western text habits is explained partially for curly
quotes and ellipsis. It's not suggested to use those in Metrics-aware
environments like CLI after all.

BAD NEWS: In old CJK monospace fonts, even [box-drawing glyphs are
Full-Width] (i.e. 1em).

File editing assists

I suggested some modern editing tools like Virtaal, OmegaT, POedit and
Emacs PO-Mode. Letting editors do the work for human is more optimal.

Additional notes on Terminology files are also included in the new version.

Other Changes

* It's nonsence to say emdashes should not be used, since normal CJK..
Same story.
* Links to other guidelines in zh_CN for further reading, including
TranslationHouse's general guide, M$ Style Guide and another style guide
on GitHub which is quite popular among this generation of zh_CN-speaking
* No more escapes in inline example text as translators are expected to
use specialized editors. For those who use normal text editors, a set of
escape rules is included.

Links & Bibs

[Translate Toolkit]:
[Questions on L10n Guide
[box-drawing glyphs are


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