zh_CN coord inactive with multiple domains preserved for a long time

Hello All,

As mentioned in #757792, some master translations are stuck being
preserved for translation/reviewing for multiple GNOME releases, for
example [GTK+ UI master in zh_CN] has been stuck since 3.14 till now (3.20).

Given that no changes at all on such projects (like hostssh-master and
GTK+ UI) happened during this period, plus many translations never
reviewed, I consider it necessary to have a more active and (of course)
more responsive coordinator to manage the work so translations can go
into the tree more effectively. At least we shouldn't see the
coordinator in the inactive list, with no reviewers at all.

Unfortunately for now, I have no idea about whom to recommend as the new
coordinator, since both myself and the translator I know best, JeffBai,
are both high school students and have school work to do. We are both
happy to review others' translations in our free time though. (Well,
actually Bai is almost a College student.)

P.S.: Anyone interested in my proposal B in the bug report that all
states and comments of a master translation should (optionally) be
auto-archived into the corresponding string-frozen branch when master
points to a new release milestone? Other technical proposals will be
nice too.

[GTK+ UI master in


Arthur2e5 (0x222D7BDA)

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