[Evolution] String/UI freeze break request for gnome-3-16

I just committed a change into git master of evolution for:
  Follow GNOME notification settings under gnome-shell   
I was told that users of GNOME 3.16 are confused with the way evolution
notifies the users and that it doesn't follow their preference as set
in Notifications.

I added one localized string "Open _GNOME Notification settings", thus
I cannot simply commit it also to the gnome-3-16 branch, the same as
Edit->Plugins->Mail Notification->Configuration tab looks differently
in GNOME, most of the options were hidden and a button with the above
caption is shown instead.

Can I commit the same change with the added string into the evolution's
gnome-3-16 branch, please?
        Thanks and bye,

P.S.: I'm not subscribed to any of the lists, thus please keep me in
the loop when replying. Thanks.

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