Re: Request string break for GNOME Calendar 3.16.x

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 8:16 PM, Erick Pérez Castellanos
<erickpc gnome org> wrote:

A stated in the bug here [1], Calendar is crashing in some locales. The
proposed fix introduces a new string to be translated, which requires me to
ask for a string break for this branch of calendar.

The main reason for asking the break is that Calendar can not change the
date of a any event in some locales, and crashes, render the application
almost completely useless. This would continue for the entire 3.16.x cycle,
leaving distro like Fedora 22 using a broken version of Calendar.

It seems important enough and it's just one string which is pretty
trivial, so here's +1 from i18n. Only one more to go.

+  /* This string represents day/month/year order for each of the differents
+   * languages. It could possibly be default value, %m/%d/%y placing the
+   * before, or any ordering according to the translators environment */
+  priv->mask = _("%d/%m/%y");

If this comment is aimed only at translators, you may want to start
the comment with "Translators: …" to make it more obvious to them.

Alexandre Franke

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