Re: Is Hitori a new GNOME 3-14 module?

Hi Michael,

Michael Catanzaro wrote:
On Sun, 2014-06-29 at 23:37 +0100, Philip Withnall wrote:
The plan (from the GNOME Games team, who are now co-maintaining
is for Hitori to be part of 3.14, yes.

Michael, did you poke the release team about this?


I added it to gnome-apps, but not yet to meta-gnome-apps-tested, which I
think is where it needs to go to show up in the official releases.

Matthias, anything else we need to do to get this into
meta-gnome-apps-tested, besides make a release with a 3.13 version
number? Would be awesome to get Hitori into GNOME 3.13.4.

You could create a page on
with the plans for games, then send an email to release-team  


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