Re: Submitting translations through

This is terrific and works just fine.

Thanks for everybody involved in making this possible.
It significantly reduces the barrier for non-technical contributors.

Am Samstag, den 01.02.2014, 10:57 +0100 schrieb Claude Paroz:
Hi dear translators,

I'd like to share a good news: it is now possible to submit translations
to GNOME Git server through the Web interface.

Basically, when a translation file has been uploaded and has the status
of "Ready for submission", any team member with status of committer or
coordinator should see a new option "Submit to repository". This action
takes the last uploaded file and commits it to

Please report any issue either here or on GNOME bugzilla.

As with all new features, we can expect some rough edges in the start.
Thanks to all people involved in making this happen, at last!



Christian Kirbach <christian kirbach gmail com>

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