Re: Keywords in desktop files

Check desktop files is easy to do with find and grep... just need to have all the modules cloned in your local computer. Yesterday i reviewd some of them, and just found an error in Rhythmbox, but I don't have a local copy of all the modules... maybe sysadmins could help us with this?

About the XML syntax, no, I don't think it could be a GNOME Goal, since the PO files are alive, and you can check and fix the syntax today, but if tomorrow you add more translated strings to the file, you can make mistakes on them, breaking the goal achieved.

Checking the XML syntax should be done whe uploading PO files git, like actuallyy is done using msgftm. Doing it, if your PO file contains errors in XML syntax, git will avoid you to push it

2013/1/19 Christian Kirbach <christian kirbach gmail com>
Wouldn't both tasks - XML syntax check and keyword check in desktop
files - make a fine GnomeGoal?

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