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Thanks Matthias for your advice. I've also noticed this same error in some originals strings, and I've fixed it, but It would be great if there were a way to check it without reviewing all the PO files. I'll investigate it and will post here the results.

I'd also like to comment that adding this keywords to .desktop is a GNOME Goal ( and we are really near to finish it. There are a few patches awaiting review so, please, if you are a maintainer, check out the wiki page above mentioned and, if your module is yellow-flagged, please review the patch in BZ.

Best regards

2013/1/16 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>

recently, we've added keywords to quite a few desktop files. This
field is what the desktop entry spec calls a  'string list' - ie a
list of strings that are separated by ; - including a terminating ;

In trying to build 3.7.4 in Fedora, I've come across a few modules
where translations got this wrong. Here is an example:

I can't really blame you for that - we didn't add translator comments,
and it isn't exactly obvious from the string that the ; are part of a
prescribed syntax.
But they are, so please, look over your translations of these Keywords
fields and correct them where needed.

Thanks !

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