Re: Re[2]: How to commit a translation for project? (fprintd - Interlingua)

Yeah, totally skimmed the body of the message. Sorry.

1) How to add 'ia' in the LINGUAS file?
Answer is: Since you don't have access to commit changes, you need to
break the inertia of the maintainer of fprintd asking to add the code
'ia' in LINGUAS and also to commit your translation.

If you want to certify that it is all ok, you can 'clone' the GIT repo
locally, add your translated PO file, change the LINGUAS file and then
run ./ && make... If no error is presented, you should find
a '' or '' in <fprintd>/po/'.

2) Will the statistics at DL change eventually?
D.L. shows the current stats of the source code repository. If the
maintainer submits your translations and fix the LINGUAS file, D.L.
will eventually display the new status of the translation your
language team.

Please notice that Transifex works differently of D.L., as the former
one shows what translators provided and not what is in source code
currently. So, for example: If you submit translation file to
Transifex, 'ia' will be 100% in Transifex but maintainer didn't commit
the PO file to the repository yet. In this case, D.L. would not
display 100% because the respository is not 100%.

Rafael Ferreira

2013/4/23 Nik Kalach <nik kalach inbox ru>:
Thanks for the answer to the question in the subject line.
Could you also take a look at the questions in the body of the message?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:48 AM -03:00 from rafael ff1
<rafael f f1 gmail com>:

Join/request creation of your language team in Transifex and submit
the translations in there. You don't commit to the repository.

2013/4/23 Nik Kalach <nik kalach inbox ru>:

fprintd is one of the (non-GNOME) projects. Its
are hosted at Transifex.
I did the translation and uploaded it to Transifex. However, in Damned
this project has a mark "Entry for this language is not present in LINGUAS
How to add the language tag "ia" to the LINGUAS file for this project?
Will the statistics at DL change eventually?

Nik Kalach

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