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El dv 19 de 04 de 2013 a les 23:46 +0200, en/na Claude Paroz va
Le vendredi 19 avril 2013 à 16:01 -0400, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
There seems to be some confusion around GTK+ translations.

To clarify: GTK+ is not using intltool. Please don't put any type
annotations in That breaks the build. We handle
extracting strings from ui files differently. The correct way to get
an updated pot for GTK+ is as follows:

make -C po gtk30.pot


That new method to generate the pot file is problematic for GNOME
Until now, no GNOME modules require to be built to be able to generate
the pot file. And this has always been a rule we stick with whenever
some new module wanted to use the GNOME i18n infrastructure.

That sort of design change is not something that should be taken
lightly. I think that requiring building a module to obtain the pot file
is bad for translators in general. It is then much more difficult for
translators to update translations themselves (almost impossible for the
majority of them).
Even at an infrastructure level, you surely know that building big
modules like GTK+ is often a challenge. And if then other modules begin
to use the same procedure, this will be a nightmare to maintain in the
i18n point of view.

I'd like to ask the GNOME community to reconsider that change and do all
what's possible to keep the legacy way of generating translations. I'm
not particularly attached to intltool, so if we find another tool that
does a better job, why not. But let's try all possible solution that do
not require to build the modules themselves.

Thanks for hearing us (me?).



Fine to move to something else, if *really* needed, but having different
kinds of extraction tools and having to build the extraction tool itself
seems overkill to me (and for most of translators I would guess).

It's already easy, but hard for non-geek translators, to preview
documentations (which are just a msgfmt -vc LANG.po && itstool -m
messages.po -o . ../C/*.page) that if we have to ask them to build gtk+
just to get the translation file or to check if the file is

Gil Forcada

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