Re: String additions to 'gnome-color-manager.gnome-3-0'

2013/4/2 Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>:
On Sun, 2013-03-31 at 19:56 +0000, GNOME Status Pages wrote:
This is an automatic notification from status generation scripts on:

There have been following string additions to module 'gnome-color-manager.gnome-3-0':

This was a fix for
but I assume we can safely ignore the 3.0 branch?

Actually the fix was pushed after new strings appeared. The strings
themselves appeared after Gil updated Catalan translation, which
triggered statistics refresh using newer intltool. Intltool used in
the time of GNOME 3.0 hadn't had support for gschema.xml files, so
despite the fact that data/org.gnome.color-manager.gschema.xml was in, it was not in po files.

Obviously, there is 0% chance and need for 3.0.1 release, so it's all
for keeping clean statistics on my part. :)

Hope this helps,

Piotr Drąg

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