Re: Merging translations from Ubuntu, keeping fuzzy strings

> [: Åsmund Skjæveland :]
> I've received some Ubuntu translations and I'm wondering how to best merge
> them. The up-to-date translated strings look fine, but fuzzy strings in
> the gnome PO file are untranslated in the Ubuntu PO file, and also in the
> merged PO file. [...] Is there some merging trick that preserves fuzzies?

Maybe this would be sufficient:

  $ msgmerge ubuntu.po gnome.pot -C gnome.po --previous -o updated.po

In case both Ubuntu PO and Gnome PO have a message translated but
differently so, Ubuntu translation will be taken. Also the header will be
taken from Ubuntu PO. If gnome.pot is not available, gnome.po can be
repeated in its place providing all obsolete messages are removed from it.

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)

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