Re: Merging translations from Ubuntu, keeping fuzzy strings

Hi Åsmund,

A tool which I made for myself might be helpful for you.
I made it quickly for a transitory purpose 6 months ago. It does not
handle any errors. If you don't mind that, try it.
It is here:
(It requires the translate-toolkit)

Steps to use:
$ git clone git github com:jmatsuzawa/xpomerge.git
$ cd xpomerge
$ ./xpomerge org-gnome.po new-ubuntu.po > merged.po

I hope it is of help to you.

On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 7:15 PM, Åsmund Skjæveland
<asmund skjaveland bio uio no> wrote:
> I've received some Ubuntu translations and I'm wondering how to best
> merge them. The up-to-date translated strings look fine, but fuzzy
> strings in the gnome PO file are untranslated in the Ubuntu PO file, and
> also in the merged PO file.
> For example:
> In , the word
> "GTK_WRAP_CHAR" is present in some fuzzy strings in the gnome PO file,
> but those fuzzy strings are not in the Ubuntu file or the merged file.
> Instead, the updated msgids are untranslated. Also, the gnome file has
> history/previous version of the string, but the ubuntu file and the
> merged file doesn't have the previous string included.
> Is there some merging trick that preserves fuzzies?
> --
> Åsmund Skjæveland
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