Re: gnome-control-center translation problem

Le jeudi 10 mai 2012 à 14:24 +0200, Bruno a écrit :
> Hello translator teams,
> Did you notice this strange coding technique :
> (in 
> /* TRANSLATORS: this is a link to the "Brightness and Lock" control center panel */
>    tmp = g_strdup_printf ("<span size=\"small\">%s "
>                           "<a href=\"screen\">%s</a>  %s</span>",
>                           _("Tip:"),
>                           _("Brightness Settings"),
>                           _("affect how much power is used"));
> which leads to three separate messages in po file?
> Do you think i have to submit a bug report or does it work for any other 
> languages?

Splitting translatable strings is always broken for some languages, so
yes please, report a bug.
In this case, only the outer markup can be hidden to translators (span).
I understand that including the href in the translatable part is far
from ideal, but this is an unavoidable compromise. Optionally, the
"screen" part could also be separated to avoid translators touching it,
but may require another tmp string.


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