Re: String freeze break request for gnome-contacts

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 21:04 +0900, Johannes Schmid wrote:
> Hi!
> > The link dialog shows a list of all contacts that you can link to, and
> > at the top it shows some suggestions that folks recommends. We really
> > want to add a header to this list that says "Suggestions", but this
> > would add a new string. So, can I add this?
> Overall I think it would be stupid to fail here because of string
> freeze. But I would suggest to add some context (and if it's just a link
> to the screenshot) to that string because I guess for some languages
> there might be more options to translate it.
> In addition, this could also be just "Suggestion" if there is only one?
> Do we need a plural form, too?
> If you can fix that (or tell me it's unneeded) 1 of 2 from i18n.

Ok, this is now pushed with context and plural forms.

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