Re: GParted 0.9.1 to be Released Sep. 19, 2011

Den 15-09-2011 03:44, Curtis Gedak skrev:
Hello Translation Teams,

GParted version 0.9.1 is planned for release on Monday, September 19, 2011.

Only minor text string updates have occurred. All language translations
completed prior to this date will be included in this release.

Thank you for your language translation efforts.

Curtis Gedak
(Maintainer of GParted)

Hallo Curtis

I thought the warning on this one was a bit short. I usually forward this kind of mail to our local list, but I have not checked gnome-i18n mail for the last 4 days. If I get an update in by today GMT+1 will it then be included? Or would it be possible to delay by a day?

Regards Kenneth

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