String freeze break for ekiga


I know I am late, but, given some feedbacks from users, I really think it is useful to introduce to ekiga users what you need to make ekiga working. So I would like to commit a string such as:

"If you do not have a SIP or a H323 account, ekiga can be used only in
your network (for example inside your enterprise).  On the contrary,
you need such an account if you want to be joined by people on
Internet.  Many Web sites allow you to create an account.  We propose
you to use a free acount, which allows you to be joined by
any person with any SIP account.  If you are satisfied how ekiga works
for you and you want to call regular/land phones too, we propose you
to buy a SIP account, which has cheap prices.

The following two pages allow you to create such accounts."

Is it possible to add this string?


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