Request for translating a new GNOME app (gnome-extras): frogr


Last week I moved my pet project 'frogr: a Flickr Remote Organizer for
GNOME' to the GNOME infrastructure [1] and, following Claudio Saavedra's
suggestion (and some documentation as well [2]) I'm now formally asking
to the translators team for adding this new app to the gnome-extras
moduleset at the "Damnes Lies about GNOME" platform [3]

Find the most recent POTFILES and .po files (not up to date, just
generated) in the git repository at:

The application is currently on feature freeze towards the next 0.4
release, but I dare not to say that the is also in string freeze yet,
since I just stopped today adding features and still some things might
change. However, the fact is that I foresee that only a few strings
could change since now till the release day, so that's why I'm now
asking for this and not before.

In other words, no string freeze yet, but pretty safe to start
translating it anyway in case you want to, since I don't think big
changes will happen in that regard.

So that's all, I guess. Just let me know of any doubt/question you have
regarding to this request. 



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