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 Dear GNOME Developer,

Dr. Jim Herbsleb, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University and a team of researchers from University of Pittsburgh (including Dr. Sherae Daniel) and the University of Louisville are conducting a research project that seeks to identify factors that lead developers to be active contributors to GNOME.  Identifying these factors will allow GNOME  to create an environment that facilitates long term developer contributions and commitment.  We are particularly interested in examining how FLOSS community norms and corporate norms affect participants such as you.  We focus on factors associated with working in an environment where two different cultures (corporate and FLOSS) impact developer attitudes and behaviors.   Your participation in the study will help GNOME identify ways to promote a more supportive environment for participants such as yourself by identifying which norms work well and which ones can be improved.

We have worked closely with Stormy Peters and German Poo-Caamano and have their support as indicated by German's blog post  (, Stormy's blog post ( and their postings to multiple mail lists.

To collect data for this study we invite you to complete a 20 minute online survey.  Please beware - some questions may appear to be duplicated, but there are important differences.  Wording is sometimes repeated so we can gather responses that reflect your perspective as a GNOME community member, your perspective as a corporate employee, and your personal values.  The perspective we want you to use is stated at the top of the page on which the question appears.

 We realize that your time is valuable. Here are a few of the reasons we believe it would be beneficial to participate:

·                     You will be supporting research that can help you and GNOME.

·                     The amount of time required – 20 minutes – is minimal.

·                     Your completion of the survey will enter you in a drawing to receive one of two $200 gift cards.


Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Data collected through this survey may be shared with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Louisville compliance offices for auditing purposes.  Aggregate, anonymous (i.e., with personally identifying information removed) results will be shared with the GNOME community.


Thank you for your attention.

Follow this link to the Survey:
Take the Survey

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

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Thanks for your interest for working on this.
My criteria for completing a survey is whether the results are supposed to be used in an article with a free document license or not.
Please inform me about that.
Mahyar Moghimi

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