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What about this issue?

Is there any possibility to add headers to PO files? It could be possible, at least, to add this header just to es.po files? It woulb be very useful for me and for other translators/coordinators, and it is completely transparent for translations (just note the X-Generator header added by Kbabel or PoEdit).

Many thanks and Merry X-Mas

El 13 de diciembre de 2011 16:45, Daniel Mustieles García <daniel mustieles gmail com> escribió:
Headers can be split in two (or more) lines? I this case, how could a bash script get the full path?

Thanks for your comment :)

2011/12/13 F Wolff <friedel translate org za>

Op So, 2011-12-11 om 10:57 +0100 skryf Daniel Mustieles García:
> I agree with Matei: the bes solution would be if GUI files were always
> in PO filder, and documentation files were in HELP folder, but there
> are some incoveniences for it.
> First of all, there isn't a written rule saying where PO files mus be.
> Each developer chooses their location, and especifies it in makefile
> or files, so It will be difficult to change all modules.
> In the other hand, there are several modules with special cases: gtk
> has po and po-properties folders; gimp-help has several folders with
> po files with different names (appendix.po, render.po, etc).
> Also, note that rules about po files in forlder can change (today,
> help folder is a good idea to keep documentation, but tomowwor it may
> change), but PO files are not expected to change their format.
> Having an X-Location header in a po file, allows me doing a loop like
> this:
> for file in $translations_to_commit
> do
>     PO_LOCATION=`grep X-Location $i ...` #Here I could use sed to get
> a clean path
>     cp $file $PO_LOCATION
>     ....
> done
> This is a very simple and safe loop (there is no possibility to copy a
> po file in a wrong location).

This sounds like an interesting idea.

We need to realise that tools can wrap the lines in the path, and that a
simple grep might not work correctly. Something like this is possible:

msgstr ""
"X-Location: gnome-control-center/"

So the script might need a bit more intelligence than simple grep.

Keep up the good work!

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