new module "Aisleriot"


Aisleriot has been moved from the GNOME Games repository to its own
repository [git://]; please update

Note that this only concerns gnome-games master; the code lives on on
the gnome-games "gnome-3-0" branch and will continue to be released for
3.0.1 and 3.0.2 from there.

Aisleriot contains message translations (directory po/, domain
"aisleriot") and a help manual set up using gnome-doc-utils
(directory help/, doc module "aisleriot").

Although Aisleriot is not part of any GNOME release set, it will follow
the GNOME release schedule, including string change announcement and
string freeze periods, and it will have stable branches for GNOME
3.2, 3.4, etc.

All existing translations have been transferred to the new repository.


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