2010 Q3 GNOME Quarterly Report

Hi all,

It's October, so we are asked to provide a GNOME Localization update for
the upcoming 2010 Q3 GNOME Quarterly Report. The draft that I've made up so
far follows. If you think something is not correct or missing (I have a
feeling it might not be perfect), please feel free to share your feedback
and suggestions, or simply edit the text directly at:


(This page is a change from the past when it was required to send update
drafts directly to Stormy.)


Petr Kovar



On July 29, Andre Klapper represented the GNOME Translation Project at the
AGM meeting at GUADEC with a Project update report. At GUADEC, he also gave
a talk on "Identifying software projects and translation teams in need"
where he provided an overview of interesting data combined & gathered from
Damned Lies, GNOME Bugzilla and other relevant sources.

Gil Forcada, with the feedback from other community members, conducted the
GNOME I18N Survey by sending a questionnaire on August 13 to every GTP
language coordinator, and collecting answers for two weeks. Out of 120
coordinators, 36 answered. The rationale behind the survey was to know each
other within the GNOME translation community better, and thus to find ways
the GTP can improve the overall experience of translating GNOME.

The sent questionnaire consisted of more than 20 questions on various areas
of community l10n in GNOME, e.g. inquiring about general team information,
coordinatorship & membership, team workflow, QA processes, use & evaluation
of GNOME Damned Lies infrastructure, collaborating with downstream
translators, other translation teams, and language institutions, community
knowledge sharing, etc.

As for the GNOME development itself, GTP language teams have been busy
working on providing l10n support for the new GNOME stable release 2.32,
which was delivered on September 29. GTP has been also investigating
approaches to help out language teams that seemed to be considerably short
on manpower and/or proper coordinatorship, this included the Persian and
Welsh teams.

We also communicated with GNOME developers to try to solve i18n issues with
translating strings within submodules, strings with constructed sentences,
and some other problems that (re)appeared during the Q3 period.

During Q4, apart from working on l10n support for the upcoming GNOME 3,
GTP community aims for identifying issues with the current i18n & l10n
infrastructure inside and outside the GNOME Project, like the Git commit
functionality, and solving them, hopefully implementing the necessary GTP
support for repositories hosted at git.gnome.org and elsewhere. This is to
be done in conjunction with the Release Team's proposal for moduleset


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