Re: Transifex instance for GNOME

Hi sysadmins.

I'm quite sure you are aware of the new moduleset proposal made by the
release team and the discussion that started at the gnome-i18n mailing
list about how to support external modules not hosted on GNOME

In the following mail Claude says that Damned-Lies the program that runs
on could support auto-commit from the web interface but
is blocker is on your side.

Please, could you elaborate the stat of the affairs regarding this

Could we try to get the details of why it isn't done yet? Not to blame!
just to elaborate a plan or try to figure out how to fix the spots.

In a not so recent survey we made on GNOME language teams coordinators
one of the more requested features for improving Damned-Lies was to get
auto-commit from within Damned-Lies itself, so if anyone can fix that
blocker be sure that your work will be hugely appreciated!


El dv 15 de 10 de 2010 a les 09:41 +0200, en/na Claude Paroz va
> Hi,
> In recent discussions about new GNOME modulesets reorganizations,
> several people have expressed the proposal to install a Transifex
> instance to replace Damned Lies.
> I'm absolutely not opposed to such an idea. But I'm also not convinced
> that we will be able to keep current D-L functionalities. However if we
> get some new ones, maybe the global balance might still be positive.
> I think the main objective would be to support (a) auto-commit in GNOME
> git infrastructure (the blocker is currently on sysadmin side) and (b)
> auto-commit in an i18n branch of each tracked branch for modules not
> hosted in GNOME infrastructure. 
> We need now some people to take care of this. Personally I currently
> don't have the required time to dive into this issue.
> Here are some steps we could follow to go further: 
> * Find a team of people to take the job
> * Install a Transifex instance on GNOME infrastructure
> * Configure Transifex for GNOME needs
> * Test Transifex global functionality (pilot languages?)
> * Decide to switch (or not to switch)
> Thoughts?
> Claude

gil forcada

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